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University of West Alabama    
  Feb 25, 2018
2017 - 2018 General Catalogue

College of Business Curriculum Components

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Degree programs in the College are composed of three curriculum components:

  1. The General Education Basic Curriculum Component is normally completed within the first two years. This component meets the general education requirement and provides the skills and knowledge of the arts, sciences, mathematics, and the humanities required of competent, efficient, self-fulfilling business graduates. The Basic Curriculum Component must be completed with at least a 2.0 GPA.
  2. The Business Professional Component provides a common educational experience to all business majors by including topics that are an integral part of business and with which all business graduates must be familiar. The professional component must be completed with at least a 2.0 GPA.
  3. The Major Degree Component provides career choices and allows specialization. Students may choose from Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Computer Information Systems, Engineering Technology, Technology, and Industrial Maintenance. The major and minor (if selected) must be completed with at least a 2.0 GPA.

Basic Curriculum Component

The College of Business requires 47-48 hours of General Education which may be satisfied by completing the basic curriculum outlined below.

I. Written Composition: 6 hours

II. Humanities and Fine Arts: 12 hours

III. Natural Sciences and Mathematics: 14 hours

A. Six to seven semester hours from the following:

IV. History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences: 12 hours

V . Computer Information Systems: 3 hours

A. Three semester hours from the following:

VI: Electives: 3-5 hours

A. Three to five semester hours from the following:

  • UWA 101. Freshman Seminar (2) (on campus students only)
  • UWA 101 is required for beginning freshmen at UWA and for transfer students who transfer fewer than 20 hours.

  • Advisor approved electives (3-5)

Business Professional Component

The Business Professional Component requires 40 hours and must be completed by all accounting, business administration, finance, management, and marketing. Students majoring in technology programs are not required to complete the Business Professional Component.

Total: 40 hours


Major Degree Component

The Major Degree Component requires 30-36 semester hours. This component allows the student to specialize in a specific business area. In addition to the major degree component, the student must take three semester hours of free (not restricted to the College of Business) electives in order to complete the minimum 123 semester hours required for degree completion. If the student enters with fewer than 20 hours, the number of free elective hours will be reduced to one. Minors are not required in the College of Business.

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