2014 - 2015 Graduate Catalogue 
    Sep 22, 2023  
2014 - 2015 Graduate Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions | 4

Abbreviation of Courses

Accounting (AC)
Anthropology (AN)
Biology (BY)
Business Administration (BA)
Business Quantitative Analysis (BQ)
Chemistry (CH)
College Teaching (CT)
Community Counseling (CC)
Computer Information Systems (CS)
Cooperative Education (CEP)
Early Childhood Education (CE)
Earth Science (ES)
Economics (EC)
Education (ED)
Educational Psychology (EP)
Elementary Education (EE)
English (EH)
Environmental Science (EN)
Finance (FI)

History (HY)
Instructional Leadership (IL)
Journalism (JN)
Library Media (LM)
Management (MN)
Marketing (MK)
Mathematics (MH)
Online Teaching (OT)
Physical Education (PE)
Political Science (PS)
Psychology (PY)
School Counseling (SC)
Sociology (SY)
Special Education (SE)
Speech (SH)
Student Affairs (SA)
Teacher Leader (TL)
Theatre (TH)

The Unit of Credit

The unit of credit at the University of West Alabama is the semester hour. One semester hour represents one hour of class work or two hours of laboratory work each week throughout the semester. Two hours per week of out-of-class preparation is usually required for each semester hour of credit.

The Numbering System

The University of West Alabama uses a three-digit numbering system. The first digit designates the level of the course, as follows:

500-599 — courses for masters-level students
600-699 — courses for Education Specialist-level students

The second digit is reserved to the department to designate relevant classifications of courses within the respective disciplines. The third digit is used to designate sequence of courses (but not necessarily prerequisites) or to distinguish a special type of course, such as independent study.








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