2017 - 2018 General Catalogue 
    Dec 05, 2021  
2017 - 2018 General Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AFS 230. Evolution of US Air Power (1)

A course designed to examine general aspects of air power from a historical perspective. The course covers the period from the first balloons and dirigibles to the space-age systems of the Global War on Terror. Historical examples are provided to show the development of Air Force core functions to demonstrate the evolution of what has become today’s USAF. Furthermore, the course examines several fundamental truths associated with war in the third dimension, e.g., principles of war and tenets of air power. As a whole, this course provides the students with a knowledge-level understanding for the general employment of air power, from an institutional, doctrinal, and historical perspective. In addition, what the students learned about the Air Force Core Values in AS100 will be reinforced through the use of operational examples, and they will complete several writing and briefing assignments to meet Air Force communication skills requirements. Leadership Laboratory is mandatory for AFROTC cadets and complements this course by providing cadets with followership experiences. Corequisites: