2018 - 2019 General Catalogue 
    Mar 30, 2020  
2018 - 2019 General Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BY 452. Marine Restoration Ecology (2)

This course will provide an overview of the scientific and technical principles of marine habitat restoration. We will discuss the role of key ecological concepts in restoration, and the role of restoration in science and society. Students will identify structural and functional components of marine habitats and learn how to design restoration projects and monitoring plans that capture these key components of structure and function. Students will learn to recognize when adaptive management may be needed, and how to formulate strategies to correct or maintain the desired trajectory of restored habitats. Students will also be introduced to the interdisciplinary nature of restoration science, including social, ethical, political and economic aspects. Lectures will be supplemented with primary literature reading assignments. Field trips will allow students to see local restoration sites and learn monitoring techniques used in various habitats (e.g., salt marsh, oyster reef, seagrass bed). This course is designed for undergraduate and graduate students. Prerequisites: one year of undergraduate introductory science (preferably including an ecology course). Offered only at the Marine Laboratory, Dauphin Island.