2017 - 2018 General Catalogue 
    May 22, 2024  
2017 - 2018 General Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Athletic Training Comprehensive Major (Non-Teaching)

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Basic Curriculum

I. Written Composition: 6 hours

II. Humanities and Fine Arts: 12 hours

III. Natural Sciences and Mathematics: 11 hours

IV. History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences: 12 hours

V. Other Core Requirements: 15 - 19 hours

Choose B., C., D., or E:

B. For Exercise Science Elective Option:

C. For Pre-Professional Health Science Elective Option:

  • Advisor approved elective (1)
D. For Emergency Medical Technician Elective Option:

E. Advisor Approved Electives: 5 hours

  •  Athletic Training electives may be used to fulfill this requirement.

VI. UWA Experience: 2 hours

A. Two semester hours from the following:

Athletic Training Requirements: 56 hours


Choose one of the five elective options below:

B. Internship Option: 6 - 12 semester hours

D. Pre-Professional Health Science Option: 18-38 hours

Program Completion

Comprehensive Examination

All students are required to pass a comprehensive examination in order to successfully complete the Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training. Students must successfully complete a UWA-administered comprehensive examination designed to determine a candidate's ability in Athletic Training before being approved by the Athletic Training Program Director to sit for the Board of Certification examination. Athletic Training students are eligible to take the comprehensive exam in the next to last semester of projected enrollment and are encouraged to do so at this time. Students are eligible to register for the Board of Certification examination in their last semester of expected enrollment.

Scheduling of Examinations and Application Process

The Athletic Training Comprehensive examinations are scheduled once each on-campus semester (Fall, Spring, Summer). Applications and dates for comprehensive examinations can be found by contacting the Athletic Training Program Director. Application to take the examination must be made two weeks prior to the examination. The application must be approved by the Athletic Training Program Director and Clinical Education Coordinator.

Repeating the Comprehensive Examination

A student who fails the comprehensive examination upon the first attempt will be permitted to take the examination the next semester. However, in order to be permitted to take the examination a third time, a student must complete at additional coursework as specified by his/her advisor and approved by the Athletic Training Program Director in addition to the number of semester hours normally required for his/her degree program. Such additional coursework may be a repetition of courses already taken.

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