2021-2022 General Catalogue 
    Jun 09, 2023  
2021-2022 General Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Area V Page - Interdisciplinary Arts

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Transfer Student Pre-Professional and Elective Courses (Area V)

The University of West Alabama

AGSC Guide / Major:  

Is this an Institutional Only Major:  Yes

Maximum total number of pre-professional / elective hours: 19-23

Hours specified by the Approved STARS Area V Guide:
(See the approved transfer guide here)

Area V - Pre-Professional, Major, and Elective Courses at UWA (19-23 semester hours)

Area V is designated for courses appropriate to the degree/major requirements of the individual student (it may also include electives). These courses are most often taken during the last part of the sophomore year to prepare a student to enter the four-year institution as a junior in their chosen major.

NOTE: Some institutions may include courses in wellness or physical education.

Discipline Specific Requirements for AREA V:

Complete one of the following:

Transfer Course UWA Equivalent
Fundamentals of Oral Communication (SPH 106) (3 SH)
Fundamentals of Public Speaking (SPH 107) (3 SH)
SH 100. SH 100. Principles of Public Speaking (3)   
SH 150. SH 150. Professional Speaking (3)    
Complete one of the following which was not already taken in Area II:  
Art Appreciation (ART 100) (3 SH)
Music Appreciation (MUS 101) (3 SH)
Introduction to Theatre (THR 126) (3 SH)
AT 100. AT 100. Introduction to Art (3) 
MU 100. MU 100. Introduction to Music (3) 
TH 100. TH 100. Introduction to Theatre (3)  
Complete one of the following:  
Drawing (ART 113) (3 SH)
Acting Techniques I (THR 131) (3 SH)
9-10 hours of Free Electives  


Contact:  Mr. Erik Larson
Title:  Assistant Professor, Department of Fine Arts
Phone:  (205) 652-3510
Email: elarson@uwa.edu

Please print this document and attach it to the Articulation Guide.  Together, this document and the articulation guide comprise the articulation agreement for a major in the College of Education at the University of West Alabama.

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