2014 - 2015 General Catalogue 
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2014 - 2015 General Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Ira D. Pruitt Division of Nursing


General Information

This is an associate degree program approved by the Alabama Board of Nursing and accredited by Accreditation Commission or Education in Nursing (ACEN). The curriculum consists of five consecutive semesters (two academic years and one summer semester). Sequential nursing courses begin in the second semester of the program. In addition, twelve semester hours in biological science, six semester hours in behavioral science, three semester hours in English, two hours in emergency medical services, and three hours in humanities/fine arts are required. Upon successful completion of the prescribed course of study, totaling sixty-eight semester hours, the student is qualified to receive the degree of Associate in Science and is eligible to apply for the National Council Licensure Examination for the Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN).

The legal requirements established by the Alabama Board of Nursing for licensure as a registered nurse are detailed in the Alabama Board of Nursing Administrative Code. Applicants who have been found guilty of any offenses listed in the Code may be denied licensure by the Alabama Board of Nursing. Any applicant who has had a criminal conviction, alcohol and/or drug abuse/treatment or mental illness must provide the Alabama Board of Nursing with a full explanation and the appropriate court/treatment records at the time of application for examination and licensure. The Alabama Board of Nursing will determine whether or not the applicant may write the examination and be licensed as a registered nurse.

Students in the nursing program are required to purchase authorized nursing uniforms, a liability insurance policy, and pay a fee for standardized achievement tests. In addition, a fee is charged the first semester of nursing courses for background screening and drug testing. Travel to and from clinical facilities for laboratory experiences must be arranged by the student.

Students enrolled in clinical nursing courses must meet the following requirements established by the Alabama Board of Nursing and clinical agencies utilized by the nursing program for clinical laboratory experiences:

  1. Completion of the Essential Functions Form
  2. Verification of current certification in cardiopulmonary certification
  3. Medical verification that the student is free from tuberculosis (skin test or chest X-ray)
  4. Verification of immunization for hepatitis B or signed waiver
  5. Verification of influenza vaccination or signed declination
  6. Verification of a negative drug screen according to guidelines established by the clinical agencies utilized by the nursing program.
  7. Background screening conducted according to guidelines established by the clinical agencies utilized by the nursing program with adherence to the Background Screening Policy located in the Division of Nursing Student Handbook.

The Division of Nursing meets all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Each applicant to the nursing program receives a list of essential functions necessary for participation in the nursing program. It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Chairperson of the Division of Nursing of any reasonable accommodations necessary for successful completion of the nursing program.

Students admitted to the Division of Nursing are required to comply with the Alabama Infected Health Care Worker Management Act. This legislation mandates that any health care worker infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or the hepatitis B virus (HBV) who performs invasive procedures shall notify the State Health Officer, or his designee, of the infection.

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Ira D. Pruitt Division of Nursing is to provide a quality education program which prepares competent, caring and culturally sensitive graduates who have the knowledge and ability to meet the diverse and changing health care needs of a global society. The Division of Nursing strives to fulfill the mission by valuing the development of independent thinking, respecting the ideas of others, promoting the development of personal integrity and character as well as the pursuit of knowledge.


  1. Admission Requirements
  Applicants for admission to this program, in addition to meeting all requirements for admission to the University, must:
  1. Have a 3.0 grade point average in required general education courses (English 1, Anatomy and Physiology 1, General Psychology, and a fine arts or humanities) for the nursing curriculum.  Only one general education course may be retaken once for a higher grade.
  2. Have a 75% on the HESI (Health Systems, Inc.) A2 (Admission Assessment with Critical Thinking).
  3. Application deadline is September 1.  Only completed applications will be considered for admission.  Applicants may be conditionally admitted pending receipt of fall grades.

All transfer students must meet the admission criteria of the nursing program.  Students may transfer credit from an accredited institution for general education course requirements for which a minimum grade of "C" was achieved.  Students may also transfer credit from another ACEN (Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing) accredited nursing program for nursing courses comparable to NS 101, NS 102, and NS 103 if such courses have been completed within three years prior to the date of application to the Ira D. Pruitt Division of Nursing.

Transfer students who have failed to successfully complete a nursing program or programs elsewhere will be placed into one of the following categories in term of admission status:

  1. A student who has failed to successfully complete a nursing program at another institution with such failure occurring at least five years prior to application to the Division of Nursing will be held to the same admission standards as an applicant without previous failure.
  2. A student who has failed to successfully complete a nursing program at another institution with such failure occurring within five years of application to the Division of Nursing will be considered for conditional admission.  The applicant must present a letter from the nursing program in which he/she was enrolled validating eligibility for readmission.  If the applicant is admitted to but fails to successfully complete the curriculum requirements of the Ira D. Pruitt Division of Nursing, he/she will be ineligible for readmission.
  3. A student who has twice failed a nursing course prior to applying to the Ira D. Pruitt Division of Nursing will be ineligible for admission.

The Division of Nursing offers an Advanced Placement Plan to qualified licensed practical nurses.  Further information about the Advanced Placement Plan is available upon request from the office of the Division of Nursing

Meeting eligibility requirements does not ensure admission into the nursing program.

  1. Progression Requirements
  In order to progress in the nursing program, students must:
  1. Achieve a minimum grade of "C" (80%) in each nursing course attempted.
  2. Achieve a minimum grade of "C" in each general education course.
  3. Achieve a clinical laboratory grade of "satisfactory" in each nursing course.
  4. Maintain current CPR certification, negative TB skin test or chest X-ray, and negative drug screen.

Failure to meet any of the above admission and progression requirements results in academic dismissal from the nursing program.  In addition to academic dismissal, the student's enrollment in the nursing program may be terminated at any time if, in the judgment of nursing faculty, the student demonstrates behaviors inappropriate to nursing practice.  Students whose health status and/or clinical performance jeopardize the clients assigned to his/her care may also be dismissed from the nursing program. The Division of Nursing reserves the right to require a student to submit to: (A) drug screening and/or other professional evaluation for chemical addiction*; (B) psychological testing and/or counseling; (C) physical examination by a licensed physician at the student's expense and to submit a report of the outcome to the Division of Nursing. Results of such reports will be reviewed by the nursing faculty to determine the progression status of the student.  Progression may also be terminated if the student has falsified information submitted on the application for admission to The University and/or the Division of Nursing. Dismissal for misconduct will be handled according to the Code of Conduct as outlined in the University of West Alabama Student Handbook, Tiger Paw, at http://tigerpaw.uwa.edu and the Progression Policy of the Division of Nursing.

*Guidelines established by the Alabama Board of Nursing and guidelines established in the chemical abuse policies of affiliating clinical agencies are utilized by faculty in determining probable cause for requiring professional evaluation for substance abuse.  Drug screening is required by health agencies prior to students' participating in clinical experiences.

  1.  Reinstatement

A student who has withdrawn from a nursing course or failed a nursing course may apply for reinstatement by completing an online Reinstatement Request Form. The application must be received within one academic year from withdrawal/failure.A student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 in nursing and general education courses required for the Associate in Science in nursing curriculum to be eligible for reinstatement. The student's application, the student's record of performance, and other relevant information submitted by the student will be reviewed, and the faculty will make a recommendation regarding the student's reinstatement.Reinstatement will depend on successful completion of requirements established by the faculty and availability of clinical space. Students who fail to meet the requirements of a nursing course or withdraw from a nursing course with a course average below a "C" prior to the last semester of the curriculum, will be allowed one reinstatement. Students who fail to meet the requirements of a nursing course or withdraw from a nursing course with a course average below a "C" during the last semester of the curriculum will be allowed one reinstatement regardless of prior dismissals. Reinstatement may require repeating nursing courses to ensure that knowledge is current. Reinstatement to the nursing program is not guaranteed. Applicants for reinstatement will be considered if space is available following admission of all first-time applicants.

Students must abide by policies in effect at the time of reinstatement in the Division of Nursing Student Handbook.
  1.  Non-Reinstatement
  The student may be refused reinstatement to the nursing program for any of the following reasons:
  1. Failure to successfully complete the progression requirements of a nursing program at another institution prior to enrolling in the nursing program at UWA.
  2. Failure to successfully demonstrate competency in previous nursing courses.
  3. Patterns of behavior inappropriate to nursing practice; i.e. unsafe practice, consistent tardiness, difficulties in interpersonal relationships with peers, faculty, patients or health agency staff, evidence of chemical abuse, falsification of applications for admission to the University and/or the Division of Nursing, conviction of a felony, or any other behaviors incongruent with professional nursing practice.
  4. Lack of space.
  1.  Readmission
  1. Students who are not eligible for reinstatement or meet academic eligibility may apply for admission to the nursing program as a new student.
  2. Students who were dismissed for academic reasons or withdrew for a period of more than one academic year must apply for readmission.
  3. If accepted as a new student, the student must take all nursing courses.
  4. Readmission is not guaranteed.
  1.  Graduation Requirements
  Candidates for graduation must have met the progression requirements of the Division of Nursing as well as all University graduation requirements as outlined in the General Catalogue. In addition, a minimum of one academic year in residence and completion of 28 semester hours credit in nursing must be earned at UWA.




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