2020 - 2021 Graduate Catalogue 
    May 20, 2024  
2020 - 2021 Graduate Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administration | 6

Officers of Administration

Ken Tucker President
Tim Edwards Provost
Lawson Edmonds Vice President for Financial Affairs
Richard Hester Vice President for Student Affairs
Christopher Thomason Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Tina N. Jones Vice President for Economic and Workforce Development
Mark Davis Dean, College of Liberal Arts
John McCall Dean, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Jan Miller Dean, College of Education
Aliquippa Allen Dean, College of Business
B. J. Kimbrough Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Monroe C. Snider Director of the Library
Bobby Wallace Director of Athletics


The Graduate Council


B. J. Kimbrough, Ed.D., Chairperson (Dean, School of Graduate Studies)
Mark Davis, Ph.D. (Liberal Arts)
John McCall, Ph.D. (Natural Sciences and Mathematics)
Jan Miller, Ed.D. (Education)
Aliquippa Allen, Ph.D. (Business)
Reenay Rogers, Ph.D. (Instructional Leadership and Support)
Robert T. Floyd, Ed.D. (Physical Education and Athletic Training)
Dana Rolison, Ph.D. (Education)
Neil Snider, Ed.D. (Library Media)
Ann Hollingsworth, Ph.D. (Counseling)
Thomas Ratkovich, Ph.D. (Mathematics)
Jeffery Merida, Ph.D. (Biological Sciences)
Lee Stanton, Ph.D. (Biological Sciences)
Richard Schellhammer, Ph.D. (History and Social Sciences)
Kendrick Prewitt, Ph.D. (Languages and Literature)
Mr. Steven Lynch (Graduate Student)
Mr. Xuesong Zhao (Graduate Student)
Tim Edwards, Ph.D. (Provost) ex-officio
Traci Craft (Certification Officer) ex-officio
Susan Sparkman (Registrar) ex-officio