2020 - 2021 Graduate Catalogue 
    Mar 24, 2023  
2020 - 2021 Graduate Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Athletic Training

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Option 1: A five-year program in which students earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Athletic Training.
Option 2: A two-year master’s program designed for students who already have a baccalaureate degree.

The University of West Alabama is currently seeking accreditation for our new Master of Athletic Training program and is not accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education © CAATE. The institution will be submitting a self-study to begin the accreditation process on July 1, 2021.

Admission Requirements:

Transfer students may take pre-requisite courses elsewhere and transfer into the institution for their final two years of graduate work.

Pre-Athletic Training Requirements

The following pre-requisite classes or their equivalents are required to be completed before admission to the professional program (course syllabi are required if courses are not taken at UWA):

  1. Biomechanics
  2. Concepts of Health, Wellness and Fitness
  3. Exercise Physiology with lab
  4. General Biology with lab
  5. General Physics I with lab
  6. General Psychology
  7. Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II, both with labs
  8. Introduction to Athletic Training
  9. Introduction to Nutrition or higher
  10. Kinesiology
  11. Statistics
  12. Chemistry I with lab
  13. Preferred courses include:
  • Chemistry II with lab
  • General Physics II with lab
  • Motor Learning and Motor Development

Admission Policies

Students who desire admission into the Master of Athletic Training Program must submit a formal application. Formal application must be completed through the Athletic Training Common Application System (AT-CAS) by March 1st for priority consideration. Applications will be reviewed as received and admission decisions will be made on a rolling basis until all slots are filled.

The Athletic Training Admissions Committee will evaluate each student applying for admission to the Professional Program. Based on the review and decisions on the completed applications, students will be invited for an on-site interview with the Athletic Training Admissions Committee. Formal notification of admission status to the Master’s Program will be made in writing and sent to the candidate. Candidates who are NOT admitted to the program will also receive written notification of this decision. Students may be selected as alternates and if a vacancy should become available, these students will be informed. Not all qualified candidates may be admitted to the professional program due to limited enrollment in clinical experiences.

(A Note to Transfer students: As soon as you decide to transfer to the University of West Alabama, you should notify the Athletic Training Program Director immediately to review application requirements. Each applicant will be considered on an individual basis.)

Admission Requirements For Master’s Program

  1. A preferred GPA of 3.0 or higher for all college coursework
  2. A “C” or higher in prerequisite coursework (Students may be enrolled in prerequisite courses at time of application)
    • Biomechanics
    • Concepts of Health Wellness and Fitness
    • Exercise Physiology with lab
    • General Biology with lab
    • General Physics with lab
    • General Psychology
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II with lab
    • Introduction to Athletic Training
    • Introduction to Nutrition or higher
    • Kinesiology
    • Statistics
    • Chemistry I with lab
      Prerequisite courses can be taken at UWA prior to Master’s Program admission. Please contact the Athletic Training Program Director or Clinical Education Coordinator for more information.
  3. Official transcripts of all college coursework.
  4. Proof of 200 Clinical Observation Hours with a certified athletic trainer.
  5. Three professional recommendation letters. Please do not request a recommendation from personal friends. At least one letter from a certified athletic trainer is strongly recommended.
  6. Essay (500-word maximum), which should address the following key points:
    • Reasons for desiring a professional career in athletic training
    • Career goals
    • Attributes that you possess that will make you successful in life as an athletic trainer
  7. Current Resume
  8. Proof of current American National Red Cross Professional Rescuer (AED/First Aid/CPR) or American Heart Association BLS for Health Care Providers certification or Emergency Medical Technician equivalence.
  9. Proof of documentation of 120 clinical observation hours with a certified athletic trainer.
  10. Successful completion of an on-site interview with the Athletic Training Admissions Committee.

Provisional Acceptance Guidelines

Provisional Acceptance Guidelines Once students are provisionally accepted into the professional program, students must provide the following documentation to be considered for full admission:

  1. Proof of acceptance to the University of West Alabama School of Graduate Studies. ($30 application fee)
  2. Each student must complete and provide verification of a Hepatitis-B vaccination series and titer. Students may choose to not be vaccinated and will be required to sign a waiver. (Vaccination may be in process.) (Approximately $270, all 3 doses, at area drug store clinics without insurance.)
  3. Each student must obtain a tuberculosis skin test and provide verification of negative results within last 12 months. (Approximately $58 at area drug store clinics without insurance)
  4. Proof of immunization for MMR and DTP vaccines. (If not available, approximately $170 at area drug store clinics without insurance)
  5. Each student must read and sign a Confidentiality Statement for Athletic Training Students.
  6. Each student must read and sign a Technical Standards Form confirming that they understand and are able to comply with the establish standards.
  7. Each student must submit a negative drug screen according to guidelines established by the clinical agencies utilized by the Athletic Training Program. (Approximately $33 through Marengo Drug Screening Center in Demopolis, Alabama)
  8. Each student must submit a negative criminal background check conducted according to the guidelines established by the clinical agencies utilized by the athletic training program. ($54.15 through UWA Police Department)
  9. Each student must submit proof of current American National Red Cross Professional Rescuer (AED/First Aid/CPR) or American Heart Association BLS for Health Care Providers certification or Emergency Medical Technician equivalence. (Approximately $7-$27 if conducted through UWA Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Staff)

Students in the 5 year MAT program are classified as graduate students in years 4 and 5. As such, in those two years they are only eligible for graduate level financial aid. They are not eligible for the Federal Pell Grant or for scholarships where being an undergraduate is a condition of the award.

Technical Standards for Admission:

The Master of Athletic Training Program at the University of West Alabama is a rigorous and intense program that places specific requirements and demands on the students enrolled in the program. An objective of this program is to prepare graduates to enter a variety of employment settings and to render care to a wide spectrum of individuals engaged in physical activity. The technical standards set forth by the Athletic Training Program establish the essential qualities considered necessary for students admitted to this program to achieve the knowledge, skills, and competencies of an athletic trainer, as well as meet the expectations of the program’s accrediting agency (Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education [CAATE]). The following abilities and expectations must be met by all students admitted to the Athletic Training Program. In the event a student is unable to fulfill these technical standards, with or without reasonable accommodation, the student will not be admitted into the program.

Compliance with the program’s technical standards does not guarantee a student’s eligibility for the BOC certification exam.

Candidates for selection to the Athletic Training Program must demonstrate:

  1. The mental capacity to assimilate, analyze, synthesize, integrate concepts and problem solve to formulate assessment and therapeutic judgments and to be able to distinguish deviations from the norm;
  2. Sufficient postural and neuromuscular control, sensory function, and coordination to perform appropriate physical examinations using accepted techniques; and accurately, safely and efficiently use equipment and materials during the assessment and treatment of patients;
  3. The ability to communicate effectively and sensitively with patients and colleagues, including individuals from different cultural and social backgrounds; this includes, but is not limited to, the ability to establish rapport with patients and communicate judgments and treatment information effectively. Students must be able to understand and speak the English language at a level consistent with competent professional practice;
  4. The ability to record the physical examination results and a treatment plan clearly and accurately;
  5. The capacity to maintain composure and continue to function well during periods of high stress;
  6. The perseverance, diligence and commitment to complete the athletic training education program as outlined and sequenced;
  7. Flexibility and the ability to adjust to changing situations and uncertainty in clinical situations;
  8. Affective skills and appropriate demeanor and rapport that relate to professional education and quality patient care.

Candidates for selection to the athletic training program will be required to verify they understand and meet these technical standards or that they believe that, with certain accommodations, they can meet the standards.

The UWA Student Success Center, Foust Hall 7, (205) 652-3651 or the Office of Student Affairs, Webb Hall 323, (205) 652-3851 will evaluate a student who states he/she could meet the program’s technical standards with accommodation and confirm that the stated condition qualifies as a disability under applicable laws.

If a student states he/she can meet the technical standards with accommodation, then the University will determine whether it agrees that the student can meet the technical standards with reasonable accommodation; this includes a review as to whether the accommodations requested are reasonable, taking into account whether accommodation would jeopardize clinician/patient safety, or the educational process of the student or the institution, including all coursework, clinical experiences and internships deemed essential to graduation.

Total Minimum Required: 53 Hours

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