Tiger Paw Student Handbook 
    Apr 16, 2024  
Tiger Paw Student Handbook

Student Life

The University of West Alabama has a wide range of clubs and organizations on campus. Membership in a student organization gives you the opportunity to develop friendships and explore new areas of interest.

New organizations should seek official recognition from the Student Government Association (S.G.A.). Recognition allows clubs and organizations the following privileges:

  • The right to publicize events on campus
  • Use of University facilities, when available, at no cost
  • Representation in S.G.A. (no vote)

Clearly understand that being recognized as an organization implies simply that the University offers you official recognition and does not in any way imply an acceptance for legal or financial obligation. Nor does it imply an acceptance of liability for the actions of the organization or its members.

All organizations are required to have an advisor. The advisor is solely responsible for offering continuity and guidance to the organization. Acknowledgment by the University that this person is an advisor of an organization should not be perceived to imply acceptance of responsibility either legal nor financially for his/her actions. In essence, the advisor assumes this with full recognition that he is acting outside the role and scope of his position with the University and therefore any financial or legal implications that may arise due to his advisor position is his/her own responsibility and not that of The University of West Alabama.

Being involved in campus life as a leader, planner, organizer, musician, athlete or group member is essential to your complete and rewarding education. These activities provide you with opportunities to develop interpersonal leadership and management skills and to promote self-motivation, responsibility and discipline. Such activities can also serve as constructive outlets for energy and recreation and complement classroom learning through practical application of concepts and theories. We encourage you to participate in as many out of class activities as possible without hindering your academic achievement. For more information about student activities, you can contact the Director of Student Life at the Student Union Building, Room 203B or call extension 3435.

Below is information about student activities at UWA and related policies. In addition, please refer to the section on Student Affairs: